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We are a network of sports media professionals in Metro Detroit geared toward community outreach and mentoring support. As a 501(c)(3) our primary mission is raise funds to grant scholarships to students both entering and enrolled in college.

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DSMA Corporate Membership
DSMA / Sponsor Broadcast Scholarship
DSMA Hole-In-One Insurance Sponsor, Cost $1,500.00 Total for 5 Holes Insured for $10,000.00 per Hole
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Sponsor Provided Signage or Promotional Material at All DSMA Events.
4 Seats at Annual Table Gate Luncheon (Skyline Club for U of M vs MSU Football Game)
Call out on all DSMA Streamcasts

DSMA Corporate Membership
DSMA / Sponsor Broadcast Scholarship
Website Home Page Sponsorship and Sponsorship Page
DSMA Background Banner Sponsorship-Company Logo at all events.
Full Page Ad in DSMA Golf Tournament Brochure (Page TBD)
2 Foursomes in DSMA Golf Outing.
Hole Sponsorship at DSMA Golf Outing.
Sponsor Provided Signage or Promotional Materials at ALL DSMA Events.
4 Seats at Annual Table Gate Luncheon (Skyline Club for U of M vs MSU Football Game)

DSMA Corporate Membership
DSMA / Sponsor Broadcast Scholarship (Partial)
Website Sponsorship Page Logo
DSMA Background Banner Sponsorship-Company Logo at all events.
One Foursome in DSMA Golf Outing
Hole Sponsorship at DSMA Golf Outing
Sponsor Provided Signage or Promotional Materials at all DSMA Events.
2 Seat at Annual Table Gate Luncheon (Skyline Club for U of M vs MSU Football Game)

SILVER   SPONSOR   ($2,500.) 
● DSMA  Corporate  Membership 
● DSMA  /  Sponsor  Broadcast  Scholarship  (Partial) 
● Website  Sponsorship  Page  Logo 
● 2  Players  in  DSMA  Golf  Outing 
● Hole  Sponsorship  at  DSMA  Golf  Outing 
● Sponsorship  Provided  Signage  or  Materials  at  all  DSMA  Events 
● 2  Seats  at Annual  Table  Gate  Luncheon  (Skyline  Club  for  U  of  M  vs  MSU  Football  Game) 

WEBSITE   SPONSOR   ($2,500.00)
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These scholarships are for $2,500.00 per scholarship, they also apply to media related scholarships other then Broadcast.  
Special Events will also bring Sponsorship Opportunities.  We are also open to ideas for Sponsorships for our DSMA Events.   
We are also looking for prizes, giveaways and other types of donations for all DSMA Events.  
Hole-In-One Sponsorships for Dealerships Provide Insurance and Display Vehicles (Up to 5 vehicles). Restaurant or Gift Cards.

PLEASE NOTE: Any and All changes to Sponsorship packages must be made in writing by the Sponsorship Director or the DSMA President

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