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Chip challenge champIt was a spectacular day at Cherry Creek Golf Course for the 36th Annual Detroit Sports Media Charity Golf Scramble and the 10th Annual Uncle Ray's Potato Chip Mascot "CHIP CHAMPION CHALLENGE". Twelve Mascots were on hand for their annual CHIPPING contest where one shot, closest-to-the-pin, wins the coveted Uncle Ray's "CHIP CHAMPION CHALLENGE" Trophy.

Participating were: BLUE (Lawrence Tech), BUZZ (United Shore Professional Baseball League), CAT TRICK (Toledo Walleyes), FRIENDLY (Detroit City FC), HOOPER (Detroit Pistons), HOT WING (Flint Firebirds), LANCELOT (USPBL), RIBBY (USPBL), ROARY (Detroit Lions), SPARTY (Michigan State), TOMMY TITAN (University of Detroit Mercy) and WOOLLY (USPBL). Conspicuously absent was PAWS (Detroit Tigers) who was "under the weather" after celebrating the Tigers NO HITTER two days earlier.

The Mascots mingled with the sold out golfing crowd, chomping down on Uncle Ray's BBQ Chips hoping that they would give them a edge when it came to delicately chipping onto the green. Last to arrive to the practice were BLUE, SPARTY and HOOPER. Past winners BLUE and SPARTY seemed to say by their late arrival that "I know how to do this and need minimal practice". HOOPER was tardy because he was changing into his golf attire, the only mascot that looked the part.

DSMA President, Terry Foster, the CHIP CHAMPION play-by-play announcer, observed during practice that it looked as if WOOLLY, SPARTY and HOOPER were on target and his money was on them. He was right with one Mascot.

In an effort to demonstrate his hockey skills with a wedge, HOT WING attempted a slap shot. Unfortunately he missed everything on his first attempt but claimed it was a practice swing. Then he chunked it. SPARTY didn't do much better, storming off the chipping area looking for TOMMY TITAN to take out his frustrations on. FRIENDLY had a tough time trying to keep his EYE on the ball and his head on his shoulders. He nevertheless "one-handed" a decent shot but was way short. Terry Foster, who claimed  walleye was his favorite eating fish, watched WALLEYE stink up his shot and then swim back to Toledo.

At the end of the day, HOOPER had confidently picked up his wedge and after adjusting his mane, chipped to within 73 inches of the pin. A BIG win for HOOPER!  A BIG victory to tip-off the Pistons Summer League. Actually it was a PATHETIC showing from all of the mascots. But, considering the way that I as a human played during the day, the mascots performed superbly. Click here is a gallery of photos from yesterday's CHIP CHAMPION CHALLENGE.

hooper Chip challenge champ
MANY THANKS to all of the mascots and their teams. It was a great showing of mascot camaraderie and their time. Detroit Sports Media Association appreciates your support in helping us provide grants and scholarships for those students wishing to learn and participate in broadcasting journalism.
And, MANY THANKS to Uncle Ray's Potato Chips. They have been a great partner for all of the years we have done this. 
See you next year!

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