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We are a network of sports media professionals in Metro Detroit geared toward community outreach and mentoring support. As a 501(c)(3) our primary mission is raise funds to grant scholarships to students both entering and enrolled in college.

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DSMA Presidents:
Ty Tyson, Don Wattrick, Paul Williams, Al Nagler, Van Patrick, Budd Lynch, Bob Reynolds, Fred Huber, Bill Flemming, Bruce Martyn, Fred Wolf, Joe Gentile, Dave Diles, Ray Lane, Don Kremer, Larry Adderly, Vince Doyle, John Fountain, John Cwikla, Bill Humphries, Chris McClure, Kurt Schneider, Dave Lew Allen, Gary Ratski, Paul Chapman, Mark Unger, Raymond Rolak, Rich Kincaide, Ken Kal, Jim Brandstatter, Jim Stark, Will Tieman, Vicki Foley, Trevor Thompson, Jennifer Hammond and current president, Terry Foster.

DSMA Lifetime Honorary Members:
Al Ackerman, Jack Adams, Larry Adderly, Edmund Barber, Frank Beckmann, Kathy Best, Jim Brandstatter, Paul Carey, Jerome Cavanaugh, Jim Chapman, Jim Cornelius, Fritz Crisler,  John Cwikla, Istvan Danosi, Hugh (Duffy) Daugherty, Dan Dierdorf, Dave Diles, Anne Doyle, Marvin (Sonny) Eliot, Les Etter, Dan Ewald, Roger Faulkner, Bill Flemming, John Fountain, Joe Gentile, Jerry Green, Steve Ham, Jim Hart, Ernie Harwell, Edgar Hayes, Fred Huber, Bill Humphries, Bill Jamieson, George Kell, Don Kremer, Ray Lane, Charlie Lemmex, Budd Lynch, John MacInnes, Bruce Madej, Bruce Martyn, Hal Middlesworth, Johnny Mowers, Al Nagler, Bennie Oosterbaan, Paul Pentecost, Bob Reynolds, Jack Riggs, Tom Ryan, Glenn (Bo) Schembechler, James Streeter, Elliott Trumbull, Ty Tyson, Bob Ufer, Paul Williams, Richard Wilson, William Wischman.

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