Dear Fellow Members and Media,
Welcome to 2018 each and everyone of you!
In 2017 our organization underwent significant a face lift, while making great strides in many different areas. It was challenging. It was exciting. And it was refreshing. Let’s take a second and quickly review the vitally important steps we took last year, as the historic journey of our organization continued with much vigor and pride.
First of all, we officially unveiled our brand new name, brand new website, and brand new logo. In other words, our complete rebranding became a reality at last. Web Team members Roger Castillo, Ben Szilagy and Matt Rogers deserve a ton of credit for what they accomplished and will continue building on going toward.
Along with this new rebranding, brand new social media pages on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were created. Neal Ruhl, our Director of Social Media, and Assistant Director Blair Glover are killing here, helping to maximize our exposure through the strategic use of these formats.
In 2017 we took our mission to give back to aspiring young broadcasters to the next level. For the first time ever, we started to send our brightest and best student broadcasters out in the field, covering live, professional sporting events and producing content for our new website, new social media platforms. At the same time, they gained valuable on the job experience, developed their own professional contacts and networks, and started to make a name for themselves in our business.
You will see a whole more from the likes of Jason Ross Jr., Brendan Johnson, Eric Vanderfifer, Drew Tonti, John Theide, along with Blair, Ben and Roger, as they do their thing covering everything that moves in this sports crazed town.
We will be working hard in the new year to develop new sponsorships and marketing opportunities to further expand our brand and found events for our members and our organization. I am truly hoping that we can continue to develop more ways to give back to our membership and increase our reach an impact within the community as we develop new ways to raise funds and market our organization.
The name, Detroit Sports Media, is set to become more recognizable and relevant throughout the great state of Michigan. And that my fellow members, is very exciting for all of us.
Yes, 2017 was a big year for the DSM! It was exciting. It was refreshing. And our changes helped us keep pace in this ever-changing, technology driven environment that we find ourselves in on the sporting scene here in the 21st-century.
As we flip the calendar to this brand new year, I implore each and everyone of you to reach out and find ways to get involved and give back so that we may continue to grow and spread our influence, while staying on point with our mission.
Here’s to a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year to each of you as individuals, and all of us as an organization, as we continue to evolve, grow and become all that we know we can be!
In parting, I would like to give a special thank you to our executive board members, Past President Vicki Foley, Vice-President Jim Rein, Executive Director George Eichorn, Marketing Director Bill Harrington, and our awesome Secretary Sherrie Handrinos. They helped make these changes a reality and continue to be the driving force behind our storied organization. We truly couldn’t do it without them.
Trevor Thompson, President
Detroity Sports Media