Becoming a DSM Member

DSM President Trevor Thompson

Membership in the Detroit Sports Broadcasters Association shall be considered upon written application to the association’s Executive Committee, and accompanied by a recommendation from a ‘Sponsor’ who is a current Member in good standing.

Types of Membership


Associate Member

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP QUALIFICATIONS: Persons who are connected with sports and its attendant broadcast potential in categories defined below, but do not pursue sports broadcasting on a full-time basis:

1) Sports publicists, public address announcers, coaches, athletic directors, sporting officials, sports authors, sportswriters, sports marketing professionals, sports producers, executive producers and sports show screeners.

2) Dues-paying Members in good standing that no longer qualify as Active Members, but wish to maintain their status with the DSM.

Student Member

STUDENT MEMBERSHIP QUALIFICATIONS: Students who are affiliated with a sports broadcasting or sports writing curriculum on a regular basis at a Michigan college, university or high school.

Upon receipts, the Executive Board shall investigate the application and make a recommendation to the Membership to 1) Accept; 2) Reject; or 3) Table, pending further investigation prior to vote by the Membership. Applicants shall be assigned to either one of three categories, ACTIVE, ASSOCIATE or JUNIOR, and must be approved by majority vote of the Membership.


There shall be an annual review of each Member’s qualifications with said review conducted by the Executive Committee at its first meeting following March 1 of each year, at which time appropriate changes in Members’ standing shall be made and announced.

Submit Application and Pay Dues for Membership Online or by Mail

Please send all hard copy applications and payment (made payable to “Detroit Sports Media”) to:


Detroit Sports Media

P.O. Box 1222

Warren, MI 48090

Active Member

ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP QUALIFICATIONS: Persons regularly employed as members of the electronic broadcast community, who operate under license of either the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Canadian-Radio and Television Commission (CRTC), or Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) in categories defined below:

1) Persons who conduct regularly scheduled sports news programs on broadcast, cable or telephone channels, licensed by the FCC, CRTC or MPSC.

2) Sports Directors of broadcast, cable or telephone channels licensed by the FCC, CRTC or MPSC.

3) Persons who in the course of their employment are directly under the jurisdiction of a sports director and regularly deal with sports subjects within sportscasts.

4) Persons who regularly deliver play-by-play accounts of sports events including color commentators.

5) Persons who host regularly scheduled audience participation sports programs.

6) Non full-time employees, commonly known as ‘Stringers,’ who are regularly contracted by broadcast entities, who operate under license of either the FCC, CRTC, or MPSC, to provide voice and/or interview material of sporting events.

7) Persons who are employed for the purpose of sportscasting via Internet dissemination.

P.O. Box 1222, Warren, MI 48090



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